Hi, I’m Dyson (A.K.A. Berserkir-Wolf).

I’m a computer technician by trade, and occasionally I like to dabble in software and other things.
On this site you’ll find:

  • Things that amuse me.
  • Things that I find useful (with credit where credit is due – come on guys, it’s not hard to reference your source).
  • Things I write – whether they’re just for fun, or actually serve a purpose.
  • Things I build.
  • Whatever I enjoy/feel like posting at the time.

Any major projects I do for myself will be posted as well.
I’m slowly adjusting things to be slightly cleaner, but this site will always be evolving – purely because I change my mind far more often than I should when it’s something for myself.

Feel free to share anything I post, create, or share.

Most of my smaller software projects I will be working on will use Creative Commons Licensing -more specifically, a “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike” license. Click the name for more details.

If I ever create something that will use a different license, be it something I want to keep a hold of or to monetise, the appropriate license information will be on the page for that specific project. If no license is mentioned, the above license will apply.

Hopefully you will all enjoy what I post, and I hope that the information will help someone at some point.

If you’d like to see a feed of all my posts, click here.

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Why Radarr?Same as Sonarr, but for movies. Give it a movie to watch for, and it can automatically grab it once it’s available. Guides to come soon – for now, refer to the radarr wiki.

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Why Sonarr?Sonarr is a tool that monitors for releases. Give it a show to monitor for, and it’ll pull in the air dates for each episode. When an episode airs, it looks for it on the sources you give it (rarbg etc – or usenet) and passes it to your downloader for processing. Once it’s …

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One of the tools I use to manage my media library is Ombi. “What’s it for?” Well, that’s both simple and complicated – depending on how you configure it.If you share your media with someone, odds are at some point they’ll ask you to add something you don’t already have. Ombi is a tool for …

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Reverse Proxy (with Apache)

I did a little write-up on how I achieved reverse proxy nirvana with IIS a while ago now. It made things a lot nicer for me. Like, a lot. I have a few friends/colleagues/acquaintances who run Apache (I run IIS in my homelab environment, that’s the only reason I went with it), so I figured …

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