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I have one main server, and one NAS for backup.

Main Server



  • Domain Controller (Active Directory)
  • DNS Server (domain based)
  • File Storage
  • Remote Desktop Web Access
  • Remote Desktop Gateway
  • Web Server (IIS)
  • MySQL Server (web and application databases)
  • Monitorr (services monitor)
  • IRC Bouncer (ZNC)
  • Calibre (eBook management)
  • Plex Server (media management)
  • Tautulli (Plex server monitoring)
  • Jackett (search index aggregation)
  • Downloader (NZBGet, uTorrent)
  • Radarr (Movie monitoring)
  • Sonarr (TV Show monitoring)
  • Lidarr (Music monitoring)
  • Mylar (Comic monitoring)
  • LazyLibrarian (eBook monitoring)


I have an old QNap TS-420 handling my backups. Windows Server does it’s own bare-metal recovery to it, and I deltacopy the important files across weekly. Nice and simple.

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