RC Gear

I took up RC!
Turns out I’m fairly good with small cars and electric componentry (who knew, right?).

I started out with a Team Losi Racing Mini 8ight-T (a 1:14 scale truggy).
I’ve since expanded to three of the Mini 8ight-Ts and one Mini 8ight (a buggy).

I’ve purchased some custom painted shells, painted some myself, and done a whole bunch of mods to the cars. The third truggy was purchased to be built up specifically to be as fast as I could make it.

Anything I post and tag as RC (or remote control) will show up in a list of posts below this page. I’m slowly making individual pages for each car.

My speed-runner

Latest RC posts:

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Mini 8ight-T (speed)

I picked up a third truggy chassis early in 2018. The intent? Speed. Now, this truggy won’t be running stock gearing. Stock motor. Stock ESC. Stock radio. Hell, not even the stock chassis. Most of it won’t be stock, is what I’m saying. You’ll find a list of posts involving this beast at the bottom …