Occasionally, I feel like messing around with scripting or with development. While I am only dabbling in the field of software development, I do find it kind of fun.

Anything particularly fun or useful, I’ll be posting in this category.
If it’s something I do a little bit more with (something with a few steps, or a multi-part intro, or even just something I keep tweaking and improving) then I’ll create a dedicated page for it under this parent page.

As an example, I looked into a few ways to save images from Windows Spotlight. See what I found out here.
I’ve done (and still do) a fair bit using ‘Monitorr’ on my media server. You’ll find that here.

Latest software posts:

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Developer Privacy Policy

Here you’ll find the Developer Privacy Policy for any dev work I do. In general: I don’t much care for user data. Most people are not that interesting. GSMEAC app (Android):

Media Management Tools

I index my media. I have ever since I started backing up physical copies. I’m almost anal-retentive about it.Media type \ category \ title \ (sub-category) \ file.So Video \ TV Show \ Series Title \ Season \ episode. It works pretty well. Especially with Plex. There are a number of tools available to source …


So I’ve been toying around with a “Media Portal” page for a while, and I settled on a piece of software to handle it. It’s called “Monitorr” (as the title suggests). It’s Open-Source, free, and hosted on Github. I’ve now got it set up pretty nicely – it gives the status of individual services, and …

Save the Spotlight

Windows 10 has this neat little feature called Spotlight, which provides some pretty neat images for the lock screen. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to save these files – they’re not even saved in an image format by default, and they’re only on your machine temporarily. There are, however, ways to save the images. …

Web Systems

I’ve done a few things with systems that are directly web-accessible now. It’s… more than I expected to be doing.As such, making primary pages for each project type is a little… well, time-consuming. And let’s be real – I’m lazy. I can’t be bothered with that.So now, I’ll just combine them. Web Systems.The old pages …