Save the Spotlight – Windows Store App

Previously I posted ways to save images from Windows Spotlight manually, and via Windows PowerShell.

I also started development of a Windows Store App to make it even easier. Unfortunately, after getting about halfway through development, a solution was uploaded by the name of SpotBright.

Honestly, I could go on and complain about the fact that I got beaten to the post. It always sucks when that happens to someone with an idea. Realistically, that helps nobody though.

Instead, I’m going to save my brainpower and put it to coming up with the next idea. Much more useful.

You can find the SpotBright app here, in the Windows Store. It’s got no frills, just does what it claims. It is brilliantly lightweight, lets you define where to save the photos, is able to run in the background and periodically retrieve the images automatically, and can even let you know when it does it. I highly recommend this solution.

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