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Not long ago I posted about configuring ‘Monitorr‘.
As an internal tool, it was surprisingly useful. However, I quickly decided it could be much more useful as a landing page for people who I’ve given access to my media.

It handles linking and monitoring of multiple services – some only I have access to, some others do.

To make all the services work nicely, I also set up a reverse proxy system using the BaseURL settings in the various systems I use (Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr etc), and proxy rules in IIS. See more on that here.
Thanks to the proxy setup, no more ‘unresponsive’ messages – since it only has to check that it’s listening, authentication is separate. Yay!

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Reverse Proxy (with IIS)

I run a lot of different pieces of software on my server. Sonarr, Radarr, Lidarr… just to name a few.
All of these different systems listen on different ports, and I got tired of having so many ports forwarded and so many different ports to remember.

Enter: Reverse Proxy.

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I recently set up a little web app called Monitorr on my server. It sits in my webserver directories, and gives me a quick glance at what services are online and offline (of the ones I’ve told it to monitor).

It’s an Open-Source project, that I came across on Github. Setup was ridiculously easy.

You can find it here.

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Speedster Build (Part 1)

So I made a start and stripped down my donor machine the other night (no photos – just a stock rolling chassis).

Now – transplanting bits to the new chassis plate, and putting things together.

Motor is mounted, and diffs/driveline.
Top plate needs some modification to fit the new motor (Dremel to the rescue!).
I need some other bearings to do the Traxxas spur mod, so that’s going to be delayed – gives me a next stage of updates, so that’s cool.

Next up is steering assembly, then on to the electronics (cutting, soldering, fitting etc – I want this to be clean inside).  Pictures below.

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Speed parts (Chassis)

The first batch of parts for my speed runner arrived the other day.

All those lovely Exotek parts. No, I didn’t get the Exotek carbon shock towers. At present, I feel that 6 grams of weight saved is not enough to worry about. I may put heavier arms on it yet just to keep weight on for traction.

Pictured (all Exotek):

So shiny!

All that carbon and aluminium goodness…

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