Save The Spotlight – PowerShell

Previously I posted a way to save images from Windows Spotlight manually – but who wants that hassle?

So, to save you time, I’ve scripted this with PowerShell. This script is likely to evolve over time, as Microsoft are likely to change how the software works. Perhaps one day they’ll give us the save button on the lock screen, like has been requested by many. For now, here’s a way to do it.

First off, save the script below (right-click, save as).


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Save the Spotlight – Manually

So, you liked that image on your lock screen? That came from a system called Windows Spotlight, which doesn’t let you save the images at the time of writing this post.

For those who would like to save these pictures, read on.

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Storage Pools?

DISCLAIMER: I did not design this fix, and credit to the source is at the end of this post. The information is helpful, and thus I feel it should be shared in order to be easier to find.

I recently had a server 2012 R2 machine go dead in the water with a BSOD 0x00000CA, or a “PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR” fault. What this fault means is that the Plug n Play manager (the software that controls hardware that is ‘plug n play’) has encountered a problem (usually with a driver of some description). As near as I can tell, there is no fix for it other than to roll back to a backup before the error (at least, no fix for now). Continue reading

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The modding is coming…

So the first lot of parts arrived for the modding competition entry today.
It’s going to be big – that case is 15.4kg on its own.


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Mod Competition

So this year I decided to enter the Cooler Master Mod Competition.

It runs every year, and runs worldwide.

You can find more information about it at

I’ll be doing a custom build for it, and will be posting a full worklog over at the Cooler Master forum – you can find my entry here. The other contestants in my category can be found here. The competition is going to be tough, but a lot of fun at the same time.

Images of the build and updates will be posted when I do any work on the build.

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