Speedster Build (Part 1)

So I made a start and stripped down my donor machine the other night (no photos – just a stock rolling chassis).

Now – transplanting bits to the new chassis plate, and putting things together.

Motor is mounted, and diffs/driveline.
Top plate needs some modification to fit the new motor (Dremel to the rescue!).
I need some other bearings to do the Traxxas spur mod, so that’s going to be delayed – gives me a next stage of updates, so that’s cool.

Next up is steering assembly, then on to the electronics (cutting, soldering, fitting etc – I want this to be clean inside).  Pictures below.

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Speed parts (Chassis)

The first batch of parts for my speed runner arrived the other day.

All those lovely Exotek parts. No, I didn’t get the Exotek carbon shock towers. At present, I feel that 6 grams of weight saved is not enough to worry about. I may put heavier arms on it yet just to keep weight on for traction.

Pictured (all Exotek):

So shiny!

All that carbon and aluminium goodness…

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Replacing the buggy motor

Turns out the buggy is pretty easy to do the swap in, despite the lack of space. The new motor is much the same as the stock Fuze 4500kv, only with a 3.125mm shaft instead of a 2mm one.

So many more options for pinions now… What to do, what to do.

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Save the Spotlight – Windows Store App

Previously I posted ways to save images from Windows Spotlight manually, and via Windows PowerShell.

I also started development of a Windows Store App to make it even easier. Unfortunately, after getting about halfway through development, a solution was uploaded by the name of SpotBright.

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Choosing a Plex Media Server

I get customers wanting to store media a lot nowadays, and I tend to steer them towards the Plex Media Server software. It has very good indexing capabilities, and a whole host of transcoding capabilities. There is other software available, but this one seems to be the best (at least in my opinion) that I’ve found thus far.

There are a number of things that need consideration when deciding how you want to store your media. Click More to find out more.

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